On Station Repair

MTL offer a complete and integrated service to deliver on-station structural repairs while your asset remains in production. Front end planning is key to the success of these projects and MTL develops detailed, intuitive repair specifications suited to on station execution. In tandem with engineering the repair solutions, MTL lead and develop risk assessments for the repair scope. We have a proven track record in managing hotwork on deck, in tanks and other confined spaces, including boundary hotwork and hotwork on the side and bottom shell.

MTL provide experienced Construction Supervisors and Equipment Technicians to train and lead a multi-skilled repair team, and they have access to 24-7 onshore technical support. We also provide a complete package of equipment and materials to safely execute hotwork repairs. This integrated approach ensures that we can offer a seamless service, delivering on station repairs safely and efficiently.

Repair strategies, project execution, planning, cost control, logistics, engineering, trade testing.

MTL understand the importance of having skilled and experienced personnel, and have project engineers who have direct experience preparing and executing a range of offshore repair projects.

MTL believe that having in-house personnel who have prior experience with a range of on station repair projects is the key to the success. Having a broad understanding of the technical/legislative/procedural requirements ensures seamless fulfilment of our client’s expectations.

24-7 support, technical expertise

The extensive onshore support team at MTL includes Project Engineers, Project Planners, Naval Architects, Computer Aided Design Technicians, Internal Systems and Software Engineers, and Administration and Logistics support. All personnel are on hand throughout each offshore repair project to offer technical assistance as well as support and guidance to ensure delivery of the workscopes effectively and efficiently.

Power, ventilation, lighting, plasma, welders, repair materials, trade tools.

MTL specialise in on-station FPSO repair and as such have developed a number of solutions and systems to enable safe and efficient working in a hazardous environment.

The Safe System of Work (SSoW) is a fully integrated power distribution and ventilation system with inbuilt fire and gas detection, dampers and automatic shutdown. The Dual Tank Distribution Skid (D2S) supplies all power for the repair equipment (including hot work equipment), tank ventilation system, and tank lighting. The ventilation fans blow air through Damper Skids with integrated smoke and gas detectors linked to the Fire and Gas panel. If smoke or gas is detected on any ventilation inlet, this panel automatically triggers a ventilation shutdown, including the closing of the dampers to prevent further contamination of the hot works site, and disables power to all hot work equipment.

The SSoW developed by MTL is now routinely used by the company when they conduct offshore FPSO repairs. The system is an important part of the strategy MTL employ to enable safe and efficient work on-station. The SSoW is a versatile and robust way to provide temporary power and ventilation while conducting on-station repairs. By automating the system’s response when a fault is detected, the risk of human error is minimised. This is supported by a manual hot work shut off on the fire and gas panel and manual emergency stops adjacent to the work site.

By enabling effective on-station hot work repair, disruption to operations is minimised. All the equipment is rated safe for use in either zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas and is therefore safe for use while topsides are operational.

Power, ventilation, lighting, plasma, welders, repair materials, trade tools.

As tank entry activities are not routine operations for FPSO operators, MTL have found that it is helpful that we can provide complete sets of equipment to support these activities. The tank entry equipment we typically provide to support our projects includes: radios, gas detectors, ducting, flashlights, rescue stretcher, rescue dummy, cleaning equipment, entry logging equipment, linkable ATEX lighting, battery backed ATEX lighting, ATEX floodlighting, residue pump and hoses, pumping break tank, compressed air hoses and distribution.

Risk assessments, procedures, SIMOPS, ongoing evaluation, boundary hotwork.

The key to executing hotwork repairs whilst in production is fully understanding the hazards of confined space entry (despite the often large and open size of the spaces being entered) and working at height, and developing an appropriate safe system of work for entry and working in tanks.

When preparing for offshore workscopes, MTL take a holistic approach to safety, ensuring that access and egress routes, SIMOPS, emergency response, and safe atmosphere/ventilation are identified and incorporated into the repair documentation and safety risk assessments.

Safety leadership, technical expertise (construction supervisors), coordination.

MTL retain an in-house team of highly skilled and vastly experienced Construction Supervisors, who regularly mobilise offshore to supervise our construction projects. All hold in date certification/training, and are available at short notice for urgent mobilisation requirements. Capable of conducting comprehensive offshore surveys, ensuring the onshore support team receive accurate and detailed measurements/information in order to prepare for upcoming projects. Their involvement in the early phases of each project ensures that offshore execution of works is considered and appropriately accommodated for.

During offshore projects, the Construction Supervisors are the single focal point for both client FPSO crew, and onshore MTL project management teams, providing daily reporting and photos as necessary. They manage the offshore project teams, ensuring work is conducted according to workpack documentation and to the required quality. All are qualified rope access technicians (Level 1), so are capable of accessing worksites requiring the use of ropes.

Multi-skilled teams, self-sufficient, whole scope.

At MTL we pride ourselves on our ability to prepare realistic project plans, which we feel confident can be achieved during offshore execution. Involvement of our onshore support team, including our offshore supervisors during the onshore planning phases ensures project plans are representative of the total scope, and achievable.

In order to deliver the best service possible, MTL operate multi-disciplined repair teams who are capable of carrying out tank cleaning, inspection, and repair workscopes. This ensures continuity of the workscopes, and efficient execution from start to finish.